Moving Tips 

Four weeks before your move date

• Choose removal company
• Confirm removal dates
• Clearout unwanted house / attic / garage contents
• Take unwanted goods to charity shop or car boot sale / online auction sites
• Inform family / friends
• Inform Schools / Work and obtain necessary paper work for transfer
• Inform Landlord of notice to vacate (where applicable)
• Inform Bank for closure or transfer of bank account
• Inform removal company in case of shipping any dangerous or restricted goods & complete formalities.
• Organize pet transport ( if applicable) & obtained vaccinations / medical certificates for pet relocation
• Verify vehicle documents for sale or for transportation in line with the destination customs regulation
• Check Destination documents such as work / residence permit, appointment letter (if employed), passport validity etc
Two weeks before your move date

• Inform gas, water and electric provider
• Inform telephone, Internet and mobile phone providers
• Inform satellite / cable provider
• Change address for TV Licence (if applicable)
• Change address for driving licence
• De-register the vehicle for transportation & forward the copy of registration documents to transporting company for necessary arrangements OR transfer the ownership of vehicle to the buying person for sale
• Transfer address or cancel any memberships / subscriptions (Gym, magazines, Papers, milk etc) • Arrange mail redirection
• Arrange for handyman services & confirm a date if needed ( for removal of chandeliers, blinds, to dismantle piano, any flat pack furniture etc (if this is not arranged by your removal company)
• Arrange parking permits (where applicable
• Obtain security permission from the building / villa management by confirming the removal date
• Prepare Insurance Inventory for your move & forward it to the removal company for review / to arrange Insurance cover
• Forward all necessary documentations to the removal company which is required for shipping your personal effects and confirm the same with them to avoid last minute complications

Day before your move date
• Empty fridge / freezer & disconnect the same
• Disconnect washing machine / tumble dryer / dishwasher
• Re-confirm with Removal Company for the date and time
• Re- Confirm with building security for the permission & ensure that the movers can enter the building with no hassle
• Arrange with the neighbors for sufficient space for parking the removal vehicles
• Separate items to remain in house (instruction manuals, keys, etc)
• Separate items to take with you (jewellery, important docs such as passport, ticket, medical records, overnight clothes, child´s favorite toy etc)

Moving Day!
• Walk through with your crew leader to give him an overview of what needs to be done
• Give him any special instructions or needs such as items going to storage, items not to be packed etc
• Advise crew of any items that is immediately required at destination so that they can load the items accordingly (if appropriate & possible only)

At Relocation & Moving Solutions Ltd, our move coordinators will be available with you over phone to clarify any questions that may arise during packing. Upon completion of packing, please walk through with our crew leader once again to ensure that nothing has been missed out.

Be a part of team by ticking the check list (will be provided by our team leader) while loading to ensure that all items has been loaded on site. Later, fill & complete all the papers that are given by the crew leader and give your valuable suggestions for any improvements on our service levels.

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