Relocation Service

Household Moving and Packing Services

No matter what type of belongings you need our household moving team to move, you can rest assured they are well-equipped on the best protocols for handling and transporting a variety of household items, including:

Pianos, bookshelves, and other large items
Fine art
Bedroom furniture
Entertainment systems
Household appliances
Fine china and glassware

Domestic Removal

Moving and upgrading in life this two are the main aspect which keeps a person going. While ongoing this services we are the best among all.
Whether you are moving down the road, to the other side of town, or across the country, you need to make sure your possessions are in good hands. At Relocation & Moving Solutions Ltd, our experienced crews handle all your items with care and pay special attention to the items that need extra care.


Our team can plan, coordinate, and execute the move in a way that not only meets your time requirements but provides you with a stress free solution.

mauritius Relocation Service
International Relocation Mauritius

International Removal

When moving between countries, there are many questions and issues to take into consideration. You need a moving company that understands the many factors and dynamics involved to properly and successfully execute an international relocation. You need the moving country which needs to understand your basic needs and wants .What are the requirements for duty free importation in the destination country? Can vehicles be taken? What is the transit time? Any restricted goods? Insurance? Exclusions? Home search? School for the kids? Etc. Relocation & Moving Solutions has the experience, knowledge, and dedicated professionals to make sure that all your questions and concerns are not only addressed but taken care of as well so that there are no surprises or "hidden" costs.

Our packing team will use the highest and standards quality materials and to ensure that all items are protected for safe transportation. Furthermore, items deemed as fragile will be created for maximum protection. Once the shipment is shipped by agreed method (Sea / Air / Containerized / Group age),

Once the shipment arrives at the destination, our accredited partners will complete the paperwork, clear through customs, and deliver to your residence door step with the promised care and professionalism. 

We are your Relocation to Mauritius Partner. Contact us now!

Office Removal

When it comes to moving commercial entities, business, or governmental departments, timing is of critical importance. Whether we are moving a small office or a large corporation, we understand that the show must go on. Office relocation require thorough planning and a system to be put in place to minimize downtime and avoid transitional issues.

Our consultants will sit with our client and go through the move by prioritizing every item to be moved. Furthermore for large offices, we will use specialized codes make sure that everything ends in the right place the first time around.


Thanks to our large fleet of trucks and maximum number of employees, we have handled some of the largest moves effortlessly and on time.

mauritius Relocation Service
Storage Solution by

Storage Solutions

Our insured, insulated, and secure warehouses are available for both short and long term storage.

Our customers can use our storage facilities through our partner network.